All About Jill

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Hello!  My name is Jill and I am a suburban mom, wife, elementary school teacher, and freelance writer. I reside in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of NY. I have two daughters; I will refer to them on this blog as S10 and S2 to start, the S being their first initial, and the subsequent number, their ages.

Growing up, most of my writing attempts were well-received by teachers and peers, though I didn’t choose to write much outside of what was necessary for school assignments. Though I certainly didn’t dislike putting words to paper, I was, at best, ambivalent when called upon to do so. However, after producing mass amounts of writing for my bachelor’s and two master’s degrees, the idea of continuing to write on my own was not something that appealed to me in the least. My path after earning three post-secondary degrees led me to securing my current teaching position, followed by marriage to my college sweetheart, and subsequently having children. Pretty standard fare in the buffet of lifestyles, I suppose.

In 2009, I had a major fallout with a close mommy friend.  To keep our drama away from our then-toddlers, our arduous, intense arguments occurred mostly over e-mail and text messages. Though it was a painful experience overall, there was one bright spot that emerged from the obliteration of that friendship, which was that I discovered my writer’s voice. I also learned that I derived much pleasure and satisfaction from scripting my feelings. Being of socially awkward stock, I had always struggled to convey my feelings orally, and through the written word, I had now discovered a much preferred outlet for my own self-expression. To my surprise and delight, I had, without searching, found my life’s passion: to write.

Since then, I have had 11 articles published in 6 digital publications including Good Housekeeping and Country Living.  Currently, I continue to seek freelance opportunities while taking on the daunting challenge of writing my first fiction novel. I continuously welcome offers for writing opportunities; please contact me through this site without hesitation.

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