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This week, I am pleased to host guest blogger Jen Sanders of This week’s post topic concerns a certain ‘rite of passage’ experienced by both babies and, indirectly, their caregivers: Teething!

Teething is tough, and not just on us mamas! When caring for a teething baby, seeking safe, effective relief for a suffering little one is typically at the forefront of a parent’s mind. Your heart breaks at baby’s cries. Frequently, both you and baby sleep much less. Ultimately, both you and baby need some help!

In today’s post, Jen will be discussing numerous ways to aid in coping with the teething process, for babies as well as their parents. One such coping aid discussed here is the use of Baltic Amber teething necklaces, currently available for purchase at!

A Time of Excitement and Fear

Teething signals baby is ready for new experiences, but the ride isn’t always a smooth one!

Ah, teething. Often, it can be the signal that your baby is ready to begin venturing into broader food options. From introducing new foods to needing less prep and carry-along foods when eating out, this can be quite an exciting time for parents! And once those new baby teeth are finally in their place, life becomes a little bit simpler, too. Getting to that point may be a little tricky, however!

While the outcome of teething is wonderful, the process itself sometimes isn’t. In fact, teething can often be more a source of fear to parents than excitement. What if teething turns my happy little cutie-pie into a shrieking, chewing, sopping-wet mess nobody wants to be around? Are the horror stories of inconsolable crying through the night always true? How much disruption is this going to bring to my household?

Veteran Mamas Say: Have No Fear

Veteran parents presumably agree that teething, like every other developmental stage, comes with its own unique set of challenges. Sharp teeth erupting through tender gums do cause drooling, swelling, and yes, pain. Also yes, babies do often respond to all of the above with crying, chewing, and restless, interrupted sleep patterns. However, those who have survived the process can also no doubt tell you that there is absolutely no need to fear! There are strategies and tools available to help both parents and babies minimize symptoms of this at-times grueling process. The effect? Smoother navigation of teething challenges for all.

Remedy #1: Counter-Pressure Measures

Counter-pressure methods provide some teething relief, but said relief is always only temporary.

There are three main categories describing approaches to teething relief in babies. They are Counter-Pressure Measures, Medical Interventions, and Naturopathic Options. Counter-pressure measures are exactly that: application of direct pressure to the gums to ease pain. This direct pressure counters the upward pressure exerted by the newly erupting tooth. Babies instinctively apply this method by chewing anything and everything within their grasp when teething.

Pediatricians recommend offering safe chewing toys such as chilled washcloths (refrigerated wet, but never frozen), or soft rubber teething toys. Though while this counter-pressure approach can certainly offer temporary relief, unfortunately it does little to soothe baby’s pain long-term. Counter-pressure measures also do not help to reduce swelling in the irritated gum tissue, by any stretch.

Remedy #2: Medical Interventions

Another approach to teething relief in babies is utilizing medical interventions, aka using medication to help in pain relief. There are two sub-groups of interventions: anti-inflammatory meds and analgesic meds. Anti-inflammatory medications can be quite helpful in the reduction of swelling in the gums, leading to easing baby’s pain. They can also remove the trigger that causes excessive salivation. Teething babies drool excessively, that’s a fact. Thus anything that lessens the amount of baby drool when teething is likely welcomed by parents frustrated with constant clothing changes!

Analgesic, or pain-relieving medications are also popular choices in teething relief for babies. These medications do just as their name implies, which is block pain receptors in baby’s brain. This keeps a baby much more comfortable as teeth work their way in, as you could probably figure out!

Both anti-inflammatory and analgesic types of medical interventions serve a purpose, which is providing longer-lasting symptom control of teething than mere chewing toys could possibly achieve. Parents, however, are growing more concerned with the possibility of over-medicating their children, as well as the long-term effects of synthetic drugs in their developing little ones’ systems.

Remedy #3: Naturopathic Options

Baltic Amber teething necklaces are a great tool to add to any parents teething relief remedy toolbox!

By turning to remedies available in the natural environment, a third approach to teething relief, naturopathic options, hope to answer these concerns while still providing the needed relief for babies. Until recently, naturopathic options were mainly limited to various essential oils (applied topically to the gums) or dissolvable tablets (placed under baby’s tongue) created from natural substances that had anti-inflammatory or analgesic properties.

While there have been positive reports from parents who have found the essential oils or naturopathic tablets helpful, appropriate dosing protocols have remained inconsistent due to the lack of regulation of naturally derived products. This has led to parents, once again, finding themselves in a similar boat with regard to medical interventions; they have again become concerned about the quantity of yes, even natural remedies when introduced into tiny little bodies.

Entering this pro/con-laden environment of teething relief methods, where it seems as if no single tool seems to answer every concern of a teething parent, is the latest in teething symptom management:

Baltic Amber teething necklaces found at!

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces, Explained

Made from fossilized tree resin, Baltic Amber teething necklaces are a naturopathic option that requires no dosing instructions. Nothing is ingested as well. These necklaces offer sustained relief from the three major symptoms: swelling, pain, and drooling. This is done by providing a constant release of succinic acid (an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, naturally occurring in Baltic amber), created by the beads warming against baby’s skin.

As a result of baby staying symptom-free for longer periods of time, sleep typically becomes more consistent throughout the teething process. Snug-fitting enough to be worn under baby’s clothing and safe from snagging or pulling, Baltic Amber necklaces answer parents’ concerns more fully than any other teething remedy to date.

Drawing from ancient wisdom (Baltic amber has been used for centuries to treat arthritis pain and inflammation) while applying modern scientific understandings (using body heat to release the succinic acid along with the skin’s effectiveness to absorb succinic acid and deliver it through the bloodstream), teething necklaces may, in fact, be the best option for parents hoping to endure their babies’ teething stage while also keeping their wits about them. At the very least, using teething necklaces is certainly worthy of further research and ultimately, becoming a useful addition to your remedy toolbox!

Thanks for reading. Until next time!



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